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Too Random to be Useful

1 July 1987
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I do not allow my work to be shared on any kind of online viewing site. Do not remove inserts or credits either. Otherwise they may be shared freely.

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Permission must be asked first. Keep credits/inserts in and always accredit the translators. If you work on pages I have edited, then keep the SL (now a rose) mark on all of the pages. I can tell when my edited pages are being used so I will come down on you if you choose to disregard my policies.

I think this is the fourth time I've written my bio here cos each time when I come to my profile page I find what I've said is pretty embarrassing. There's not much I can say about myself. I love Mangas and Animes and it's because of that managed to raise my self esteem a bit.

For a long time I had known that I didn't have any special talents or qualities, which can leave you unfulfilled as a person (even if you aren't interested in competing against other people) and this was probably due to the very lonely, controlled upbringing I had, where I didn't have the chance to gain much life experience. Even now I still see the lasting effects of this even though generally I do get on with people very well but still I suppose I am quite reserved with my time. Even now prefering to be alone most of the time(ugh, hikikomori).

However, after bumming around for a looong time, just doing what I want, I found something that I really enjoy doing. Which is graphic design and studying japanese. I've still got a long way to go in these areas and I'm proud of how far I've come, especially when I thought I'd never be able to do anything but I suppose the best thing is that I've learnt how enjoyable life can be when you find something that truly interests you, which in most cases drives you to become good at it.

I love learning and finding out things but it didn't work out with what I believed I was passionate about in the past, which was Science. I regret not putting in the effort I should have done when things started to go awry. I can't tell if it started because I lost interest in it and so then was unable understand it or if I was unable to understand it and so lost interest (probably the latter haha) but at least now I know that though a road may be close for me that doesn't mean that I can't make new roads for myself at any age. A lesson I'm truly grateful for learning.