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I need to get my shit in order!!

I feel rather sheepish for saying this, but it's been an extremely long time.

Like a reeeeallly long time. My last post was in 2012 and I find myself asking what the hell have I been doing in that time? When I last posted I was in Uni which has ended now but unfortunately not well. I had a problem with a stalker which led me to dropping out. I had a formal apology from the Uni and an offer to let me re-enter the following year but I didn't take it. At the time I just wanted to take a break from that place and graphic design.

My brother moved back home as well which meant I lost my office space for a long while to do my scanning, and after that I just kind of let my livejournal go. I still kept reading manga and watching anime, but because I've been reading the raws, it's meant I haven't really had to come back to livejournal for the scans. It's a shame because I lost out on a lot of other things like the people you meet and the friendships you make. I had a look through my friends list and quite a number of peeps have purged their accounts. There were so many I felt were familiar but I didn't recognise anymore and that made me really sad.

This past year has been so eventful for me in my life, that I'm not really the same person I was before it. I have a steady job now as a SEN Teaching Assisntant in a primary school. I really love my job (though the pay is crap lol), it's made me so much happier than I was and it's all thanks to the children. I get on really well with my colleagues too, but it's the children that have really made the difference for me.

About the same time that I got my job though, a very close member of my family got sent to prison...abroad. I remember spending days crying, trying to figure out what to do to help them through their case before sentencing. I some help from my aunt and my sister (the most capable ones) and the rest of my immediate family but in the end I was the one that had to do most of the work as I was the only one of siblings still living at home to deal with it, and with my parents age it's become a bit too much for them to handle it. It was really hard work but even with illness (you seriously catch everything from the kids) and emotional instability and the fact that I've never had to deal with anything like this before I managed to pull up character statements, work with our lawyer, organise and pay for communication to that family member, as well as pay for their clothing/toiletries. The costs have now come to about 3000 dollars which I've paid for. My dad's paid 5000 dollars for the lawyer's retainer, and my mum's had to pay an extra £1500 to pay off their debts so we're all quite frazzled now when it comes to expenses.

In the end that person was sentenced and should things go well they should be back by July of next year. It's nerve racking to think what might happen in that year as that person is extremely depressed and unwell (it's what led to them committing their crime, I strongly believe they're bipolar as well) but having a date has given us all something to work towards.

So now I have my current situation, it's the summer holidays and I'm going to have my cousin come and visit in a couple of days and instead of tidying I'm procrastinating writing this post. Hey it's what I do...which is exactly why I'm going to use this post to shift my butt. I was going to wait till I sorted things out before making any promises but that's the reason why I haven't released anything for the past year or two. I keep waiting for everything to be perfect before making any commitments so now I'm going to do the exact opposite:

Promise No 1: I am going to clean my rooms!

I have two rooms I'm using at the moment, and I've essentially trashed both. If you're wondering how bad it is, it's hoarder bad. Like the ones you see on tv. Outside my house I'm an organised clean freak but inside I'm the laziest bum ever.

Promise No 2: I am going to scan and scanlate!

With awful timing I've ordered my new Wacom tablet and on the same day I read about this:
However, I won't let it stop me from completing this goal I've had for bloody ages now. I'm much better at Japanese now than I was before (I'm going to attend a special Japanese school at the beginning of next month) so I'll be making use of that as much as I can.

Promise No 3: I'm going to flipping read and reply to people's comments and messages!

As I haven't been back for ages, I haven't read what others have written to me. I felt awful looking through my messages as I thought that people wouldn't bother messaging me by now but lo and behold I had quite a few birthday messages. Thank you so much for all of them, reading them has really given me energy to get things done. A number were asking if I could add them back for them to read all my posts. I'm at maximum capacity with my journal right now, but when I put up my next scanlation release, I'll upgrade to a paid account so that I can friend back.

Livejournal to me is really not worth losing so I hope I can complete my goals within the next week. Even if I'm not releasing anything I should at least use my LJ as a journal and just enjoy communicating with people. I'm really glad to be back, and I hope I'm back for good this time. I'll post updates as they come.


Project Update.

Thought it'd be better to make a new post rather than edit the earlier one, so sorry for dumping on everyone's journals.

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Project Drop

Heyo~ Just finished translating the end of vol 3 and vol 4 ch 1 of Honto Yajuu myself since dthnix23 seems to be having a hard time lately.  Been keeping off my computer so I could concentrate on this project and Koisuru Neko which I've been behind with, whilst keeping up my degree work for this year so I probably missed news that might have been floating around for a while.  Seems the group 'Peek a Yaoi' have decided to take over Honto Yajuu.

Guess this means I can drop it. The world of manga scanlations is quite a free world and it would be a laugh for me to pretend like I've got special rights over this project but at the same time I'm hardly gonna bust my butt providing something that's already there. Just to point out, there's no reason anyone should feel bad for continuing HY with 'Peek a Yaoi' since most scanlators usually only scanlate just because they feel like it anyways and are quite happy to take where they can themselves too. I must say though, it would have been nice if at least a message could have been sent from them.

See next post for update.

BTW you guys can look forward to the next two chapters of Koisuru Neko, I've had some help from silvermarble118 with the editing so hopefully it won't be out much later than next week! Looking forward to it =^.^=


Thank you for all the birthday messages.  I didn't expect to get so many (blush).  I'm currently working on another chapter of Koisuru Neko so expect that soon!


...I feel like Joey without the sex appeal.


Just thought I'd let you know...

...that I'm not dead but my computer is.

Aaaah such a pain.  I managed to get just about everything off, which means all the projects I'd been working on are safe (I'd almost finished them as well) but it still means that I have to wait until I get a new comp with new adobe photoshop on it.  I knew this was coming but I didn't want to get rid of my comp just yet because I'd managed to get the adobe suite on it for free.

So in the mean time, I'll have to go on hiatus for a small while.  I do have the intention to keep scanlating the projects I've started but I don't blame those who would rather scanlate it themselves because they don't want to wait any longer (noooo don't take my babieeess!).

I've still have ears and hands though so I'm gonna try and churn out more BLCD translations but I'm quite behind with that as well.   The reason why is because this past holiday I've been studying some more Japanese.  I've learnt about 300 more kanjis which has meant that I've been able to read a few mangas without furigana on them, so hopefully in the future I'll be able to translate more stuff as well.

As an apology for these unfortunate event I would as if you guys would like the first chapter of the project I was working on in the meantime, or would you prefer waiting till I'm up and running again for the full volume like I promised.  Just let me know in the comments.

Just realised that to anyone not logged in or not a friend, that it must have looked like I was out of action for ages. Everything's back on track now and I'm carrying on as usual.


I'm also applying for University and I've only got three days to do it.  As of right this moment I'm procrastinating on my personal statement.  I have wanted to go to uni and so I thought it'd be best to get in there before they raise the tuition fees to £9000 a year.  Argh, I want to climb back into the womb and not deal with this shit.


A Couple of BLCD translations.

As promised I have a couple of Boys Love CD translations.  This all started when I did a couple of really rough translations for doxxed_up .  Now when I say rough, I mean realllly rough.  I don't know what possesed me to actually share it on bl_dramas (in exchange for something else) but I did.  It had my beloved Sugiyama Noriaki in it, so I guess I couldn't help it.  The link is still there, and apparently my comments in the translation are quite funny but when I look back at it, I think I might cry in shame.  Nevertheless the great wilhelmina4 (Wilhelmina - whom you may have seen on aarinfantasy) decided to commission me after finding it.  So I went back to the old translation and seriously revised it.  Hopefully I've managed to get it to a fairly professional level, where you won't be put off by my own ineptness.  I enjoyed translating these two, and shall be working on a third/fourth one soon.

There is only one rule that I have been asked to give and that is do not share or re-post without permission.  There has been an incident in the past where someone was found using another's commissioned translation without giving credit and that will not be tolerated.

With that aside, happy downloading!

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This is a public entry so this is open for everybody.  I've really enjoyed flicking through your profiles this weekend and have come across some really interesting people and facts.  Such as the point that most of you guys are around about the same age as me (to the year) which I find weird since I thought there would be a bigger array of ages.  Also there's enough people from Jakarta in Indonesia to make me wonder if you all know each other, why only Jakarta?  There's also somebody with a journal that has over 2000 entries.  2000!  Bloody hell.  But what I've really liked is getting to know you guys through the wonderful comments and messages I've received.  I'd like to thank all of you who offered their support about that creepy stalker (my sister and I call him the creep for short) as well as those who've commented to say hi or thanks.  I'm looking forward to chatting with more of you in the future!

In other news I've had this incredible itch to get sewing lately.  It started because I was meeting up my fashionable cousin (who works in Oxford Street) and needed something nic e to wear (not that I'm competing with her lol.  No way, she's in a completely different league to me haha ~sigh).  On the day we were meeting up, I decided to fix an old cheap Primark dress and made it into a top.  It worked out quite well and now I have an overwhelming urge to break out my old sewing kit.  I think it won't be long before my curtains start fearing for their lives....

Locking Future Release Posts

Hi there!!  It's been a loooong long time, mostly because I've been sat on my arse doing absolutely nothing.  I've got a lot more free time now, so hopefully that'll all change.

You guys probably know all the hubbub that's been happening lately and so I'm sure you can understand why I'm Friends Locking my future release projects.  To be honest, I don't think it'll change all that much for you guys since all I want is to keep the obvious attention away (from release update sites and online viewing sites).  Sharing in other (members locked) comms is still fine with me, by friend locking I'm just making sure that the first line of people who get the new release are trustworthy thus protecting my lj account.  I have no idea how to use IRC so I'd rather not be made to take that route but I guess I'll see how it goes if it ever comes to that.

So!  If you'd like to be privy to the release posts all you have to do is Friend me and if you look like a relatively active yaoi lover, I'll Friend you back.  Just to clarify when I say relatively active, I don't mean you have comment a lot on my posts or anything like that, only that I'll be looking at your profile page when I go to add you, so it's better if it seems that you're an active lj user, or a yaoi fan.  It'll take some time to sift through all 300 of you (especially as the new ones start coming in) so I hope that you don't mind waiting a bit till I've got round to you.  If I haven't friended you and you'd like to discuss it, please feel free to comment here.

Also I'll post up my BLCD translations up here as well sometime, so feel free to visit my page for them as well.


I don't usually post if I don't have a release ready but I just wanted to say


I missed college because I thought today was yesterday.

I feel so stupid ~ sob. 
This post contains Quincest    Σ(゚Д゚)    So if it ain't your bag, move on.

Oh god, Oh god...what a week I've had, I don't even know where to start.  Saying that I'm actually in a really good mood.  'Why?'  I hear you ask, well because my damned 2D complex just grew threefold this week when I saw the Omake for Bleach ep 272.  I can't help the fact that the only pairing I see when I watch something like that is Ryuuken/Uryuu and so to celebrate my good mood I decided to release a quincest dj and a piece of fanart I made (I don't think it's amazing but I'm pretty chuffed seeing as I drew it from my mind, it just shows you how much time I spend thinking about Ishida's arse).

Heh, I must have been out of my mind to have taken on the doujinshi because not only were the raws slightly fuzzy, it didn't have any furigana, so I had to look up the kanji one by one using an online dictionary (not to mention the font size of the kanji was flippin TINY) but I got there in the end.  There were a couple of places that I really wasn't sure about and so I'd like to give a big thanks to dthnix23  for helping me out with it, as well as a big big thanks to the person who scanned it for letting me use the raws.   This is the third fanbook by this circle by the way (the plot is still easy to follow) so if anyone has the other two, I'd be happy to scanlate it for you.   In fact any new Quincest doujin would be most welcome.

I would have posted these up some time ago, but I got lazy and then just when I thought to myself yesterday (or technically the day before) that I'd post them up, I got rushed to the hospital for a severe kidney infection and high fever.  I wont let kidney damage stop me though!  A night of blood tests and heavy antibiotics and painkillers I'm back at home, exhausted with achey kidneys but still very cheerful.

To prove my cheerfulness have a clicky at the stuff below:

Ishida at the Window fanart, NSFW (just his bum tho)

Bleach dj, Killer Queen by Problem of Mind Sendspace

I hope you like them (sorry I can't do any other type of cut to save my life).   Oh Sailor Moon, how I loved that show, Tuxedo Mask was my biggest crush back when I was thirteen~

Little message.

For those of you wondering when the next installment of Honto Yajuu is coming, I thought I'd just let you know that's it's coming next week along with a batch of other releases.  Haha, don't worry I haven't abandoned you. I've been working hard translating stuff for you to enjoy on Valentine's Day.  I'm guessing also that a few other groups will be releasing then too and that's why it's been a little weak lately on the yaoi front.  To all of those reading, have a good week till then. Ja mata!

(I went to see the fire works on New Years Day in London.  My precious chaste butt got touched up by some pervert and so my sister kicked his arse...hard.  Justice served.)



Ilfort Granz


Welcome my journal. I mostly share my yaoi scanlations here, though I do dabble in other things as well.

My scanlation releases are locked, so those of you who wish to view them must add me so that I can add you back. Bear in mind I do not add those who's journals are too new or too empty or don't even look like a yaoi fan's.

These precautions are only for self preservation. My scanlations are otherwise easily available elsewhere. Please view my profile for my sharing policy.

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